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Introduction to Web Development

Course Information

 Class:  CoSci 553  Teacher:  Phil Gompertz
 Section:  2048  E-mail:
 Day:  (Sat/9:30)  The course syllabus can be found - HERE

Class Information

HTML, XHTML and Dynamic HTML

This course introduces students to the fast growing and rapidly changing world of client-side web site development. Students will become proficient with all aspects of HTML, XHTML and DHTML programming including the ability to develop JavaScript routines for adding dynamic layouts, special effects, and window events.

"Creating Web Pages with HTML, XTML and XLM"
Written by: Patrick Carey
Published by: Course Technology

How to get around (or "Yo! Adrian, I'm friggin lost.)

This website consists of three sections or subsites...

CoSci 553,
This section consists of my Computer Science homework. It is divided up by chapter, with links to each tutorial, review and case study that has been assigned along with the class project.
In this section you will find some JavaScript tutorials I have worked on. I have also used some of what I have learned from the tutorials throughout the rest of the website.
Web Project,
This section is my class project. I've tried to incorporate something from each chapter of the text book throughout.

You can get to any subsite by clicking the menu in the banner (it has been removed from the Web Project pages to lend an air of mystery. While there you can click on the banner to get back to this page). The banner menu bar also contains dropdown links to ease navigation through the site. In any a section you can also use the side bar (located on the left hand side of the page) to navigate that sections pages.

On each page, usually toward the top of the page, you will find a link. Click on the link and it will explain what techniques were used to create that page.

Please Note: this site and all its subsites were created entirely by hand using Visual Studio 2008 as a text editor. I did not use any web development applications such as Dreamweaver or Front page. This was learning experience, not a "job getter" All html/xhtml and CSS code has been validated at and has been painstakingly formatted to look just about the same in any type of browser.

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