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Web Project

Project Information

Web Project (Due on Mon, June 8). Pick your own site subject/content, please include the following features in your website:

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Basic Features:
  • Page Titles
  • Hyperlinks - to external URLs, within your site, named Anchors, have some open in new window
  • Graphics
  • Ordered/Unordered Lists
Intermediate Features:
  • Use Style Sheets - External/Embedded
  • Create Hotspots for a Graphic
  • Tables (both for displaying data and for a layout)
  • Layers using AP Div tags
  • Forms
  • Surprize Me!
Advanced Features:
  • Add Flash and/or Shockwave elements
  • Navigation Bar
  • Make XHTML compliant
  • Additional audio/video objects
  • Java Scripts and/or Java Applets
  • Surprize Me!

Table of Contents

BlindLuck Productions

This is a fictitious company that I used for my project. They are an up and coming web development company that prides itself on innovation and creativity. Specializing in building websites that improve business relations not only with a company's clients but by disseminate information throughout a company's infrastructure. Not that any of it is new or innovative, but it's my first try at this and so it's new to me.

Usually toward the top, in the header, you will find a link. Click on the link and a pop up windows will explain what techniques were used to create that the page.

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